WATCH: Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig Run Into Outfield Wall

Who doesn’t love a good outfield catch or a collision in the outfield? Perhaps one or the other? Here is a collection of some outfield shenanigans.

Bryce Harper meet wall; wall, meet Bryce Harper. Ouch. This is one that I have to keep turning my head from. This ended in a broken nose for Harper, and a reminder that the warning track is there for a reason.

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Yasiel Puig, being Yasiel Puig. You can’t hate on a guy who makes catches that rob the hitter, unless you’re the hitter of course.


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JB Shuck up and over. Making a catch is one thing, but an acrobatic show is something even more special. *Insert Sportscenter Top 10 music here*


Eric Young too.


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Nate McLouth interacts with the fans. Well kind of.


Torii Hunter loves a man in uniform. Or the other way around, I’m not sure. Even though he was robbed today by Adam Eaton, Hunter has held his own before.


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But, he’s also done this…


No walls were injured in the making of this article.

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