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March 19, 2014
Talk a Good Game:The Most Orally Gifted Men in Sports

Talk A Good Game: The Most Orally Gifted Men in Sports

On this episode of Sports Unfiltered TC is joined by fellow audio and video podcaster Bryan Kelly to talk a good game. Bryan, the award winning blogger, hangs out with TC as they talk a good game and discuss the most orally gifted athletes and broadcasters in sports history. Listen now…

Talk a Good Game: The Most Orally Gifted Men in Sports:

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When someone says “Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee,” nearly every person knows who said this. How is that even possible? These guys got into our hearts because they are such great orators.  If you don’t know who said that, it is ‘The People’s Champion’ Muhammad Ali. He was memorable, relatable, and able to connect with his audience.  It isn’t just athletes that can connect to their audience, sportscasters do as well, and you can too! But who does it best?

Talk a Good Game:

  • What other athletes made the list?
  • What are the biggest success factors for broadcasters?
  • How to score more using visual, auditory, or feeling words.
  • Listen in to find out more

Plus TC and Bryan play a game or two to help improve TC’s joke and story telling abilities. The guys talk about their favorite broadcasters in history, among them are Dennis Miller and Harry Caray (you’ll love TC’s Harry Caray impression).  They dive into more depth as to what makes these sportscasters have a place in our hearts.  We do, after all, invite them into our homes week after week as we tune in to cheer on our teams!

Get to know more about Bryan Kelly:

Bryan is an entrepreneur  and marketing executive from Chicago, IL who has been published in the New York Times as well as the Chicago Times.  He offers a mailing list from his blog with tips and tricks to help you fascinate, intrigue, and hopefully engage your audience by crafting your perfect pitch.

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