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Malcolm Michaels
Written by Malcolm Michaels

On the Sports Unfiltered podcast TC is riding solo and talking about the biggest major league baseball busts. With opening day looming less than two weeks away it is time to tackle the four biggest things that are ruining Major League Baseball. Listen now…

Biggest Major League Baseball Busts


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TC was watching the Rockies and the Angels in a spring training game, when a bad play sets him on fire! The official scorer must have been asleep, or blind because this kind of call keeps happening time and again. Errors being given to the wrong players time and again by these jokers. That’s possibly the least of these horrible offenses going on!

Biggest Major League Baseball Busts:

  • Official Scorers
  • How are pitch counts ruining MLB?
  • Umpire Unions
  • What else does TC have up his sleeve?

Take a listen and see what else made TC’s list of the Biggest Major League Baseball Busts?  How about those cheap teams that won’t call up their talent? Why are they holding the players in the minor leagues for so long? Is that arbitration clock really that important? If you don’t use them will you lose them? And for you longtime listeners TC is revamping the podcast this week, let’s hear your feedback!  Less riffin’ more rockin’! We want to hear from you! Do you have a show idea? Do you agree or disagree with what TC thinks is ruining the game?  Please hit us up, tell a friend heck tell two! Make a ruckus scream and yell! After all we know you are just as passionate about sports are we are so let us hear your voice!

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