Ben Rhodes Racing in the NASCAR World Truck Series


TC is joined by Ben Rhodes to talk about his passion for fast cars and about his upcoming appearance in Martinsville for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  This seventeen year old NASCAR NEXT driver has been turning heads, and taking over every social media platform.  Get the scoop on where to find the latest in Ben Rhodes Racing information and connect with him in this 24/7 digital world.  Listen now…

Ben Rhodes Racing in the NASCAR World Truck Series:

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On the heels of his major NASCAR victory at Greenville Ben sits down with TC to give him the scoop on his upcoming races.  Ben talks to us about why he is only raceing part-time for NASCAR, and what being a NASCAR NEXT driver is. Since Ben drives fast all the time TC asks the tough question; what is your favorite car? Ben also puts to rest the idea that the life of a driver is glorious by telling us that he isn’t getting to spend as much time as he would like to work out. When he does get some down, and sits down to relax, you will not believe what he is putting in his Playstation4.  Where will you find Ben relaxing, or rather antagonizing his friends? Also on the show we find out just why they call him Savage.

Ben Rhodes Racing in the NASCAR World Truck Series:

  • What track is Ben Rhodes looking most forward to racing on this season.
  • What do Ben and TC have in common?
  • What happened to TC that Ben has never heard of?
  • Listen in to find out more

Photo: Ben Rhodes Racing-Instagram

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